On fait un beau sourire réalisé par

Année de sortie en France :

Original Title : Fate un bel sorriso
Feature French, Italian, Greek
Genre : Comedy
Running time : 1h25
Year of production : 2000


Antonio is a 70-year-old gentlemen, former magistrate, reputed to be both stern and beyond reproach. After a run in with his daughter, he finds himself in a strange place where, after an intensive “updating” course in the latest technology, he is put out for adoption ! Following a series of disastrous experiences, Antonio is obliged to accept the Linder family’s offer of minding their twin daughters who are prone to anorexia every time their parents go away on business. Things conspire and Antonio must join forces with Laura, the housekeeper. He discovers that she has a legal background. Initially, he’s suspicious and spies on her, hoping to catch her in the act. But with time, he grows fond of her, and its because of her that he discovers a whole other world, like exploring a distant planet that he would never have otherwise thought of even looking at. He learns to express his emotions, he even falls in love with a certain Jezabele, a French woman in her forties, former cabaret artist, with whom he eventually gets married. He may be 70, but Antonio suddenly feels like an entirely new man !