Yoyes réalisé par

Année de sortie en France :

Original Title : Yoyoes
Feature Spanish, French
Genre : Drama
Running time : 1h44
Year of production : 1999
Distributed in France by : Swift Distribution
Release date in France : 14/03/2001


Yoyes, the first woman to have a high-level position within the Basque separatist movement, returns to Spain from exile in Mexico wanting to start a new life. But things prove to be difficult. While far from her homeland, Yoyes has gone through a lot of personal changes : she’s studied at university, worked at the United Nations, had a child. Whereas in Spain, outbreaks of violence continue to be front page news. Yoyes tries to forget and to be forgotten, but her years away from home have only transformed her into a living legend. Her former comrades in arms consider her return a betrayal. Yoyes loves her country, she would love to just melt into the background, but in this autumn season, she is surrounded by nothing but dead leaves…