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Original Title : Sans Rancune !
Feature French
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Thierry LHERMITTE, Milan MAUGER, Marianne BASLER...
Running time : 1h44
Year of production : 2009
Distributed in France by : Pyramide Distribution
Release date in France : 15/07/2009


1955. A boarding school in Belgium. 17-year-old Laurent Matagne believes that his French teacher nicknamed "Steam," is actually his father, who disappeared during an air raid in 1940. Steam is eccentric, mysterious, troubling, and brilliant, and he quickly communicates his passion for literature to Laurent, to the point of stirring the young man’s desire to become a writer. Matagne and his friend Boulette decide to carry out an investigation. When they hatch a plan to trap Steam, Matagne sets about writing his own novel.