Sans plomb réalisé par

Année de sortie en France :

Original Title : Sans plomb
Feature French
Genre : Comedy
Running time : 1h40
Year of production : 2000
Distributed in France by : Rezo Films
Release date in France : 19/07/2000


Ulysses is a young student in meteorology who has been working for six months at a gas station in order to pay for his studies. Across the way, there is another gas station where Marie lives with her father. The film recounts the week-end that will mark the beginning of their love. Ulysses is so convinced that nothing unusual could possibly happen in this place, that he has drawn up statistics for all the events comprised in its daily routine. This week-end will teach him that he is wrong, that life is multifaceted, full of oddities, full of encounters, some wonderful others violent, and that you can simply reach out and find happiness. All you have to do is want it.