The Volcano directed by Ottokar Runze

Release year in France : 1999

Original Title: The Volcan
Feature German, French
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1h40
Year of production: 1999
Distributed in France by: Swift Distribution
Release date in France: 17/11/1999


Berlin, 1937. The Fascists are rising to power inexorably. Marion von Kammer watches helplessly as the Nazis destroy the little theater where she performs outlawed songs. Disgusted by what Berlin has become, she leaves for Zurich with her mother and Tilly, her sister. Tilly, who has left her lover behind, is wretched. Marion moves once again, to Paris, where she meets Martin. Together they broadcast anti-Fascist propaganda on a German-language radio station, and Marion sings her outlawed songs in a small Paris bar. But Fascist ideology is extending its tentacles everywhere.