La Religieuse Portugaise réalisé par

Année de sortie en France :

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’Playful and witty ; emotionally arresting ; visually breathtaking ; profoundly uplifting. Simply unmissable.’
Little White Lies *****

’The Portuguese Nun, looked at with attentive patience, is as perfectly focused in its sly, dry humour.’
The Financial Times *****

’Elegant, eccentric and absolutely captivating, this is simply a gem. It’s a film with a heartfelt love of Lisbon – beautifully and calmly photographed – and with serene, almost eerie self-possession in its long, slow takes and stylised, decelerated speech.’
The Guardian *****

’Radiant, perplexing and distinctive, Green’s world is a place where art and life converge : it’s an enchanting place in which to get lost.’
Empire ****

’The effect is ensnaring, spiritual even. Gorgeous to behold, graced by a lovely fado score, this is exquisite cinema.’
The Daily Telegraph ****