Pornography directed by Jan Jakub Kolski

Release year in France : 2005

Original Title: Pornografia
Feature Polish, French
Genre: Drama, Romance
Running time: 1h52
Year of production: 2003
Distributed in France by: Equation
Release date in France: 30/03/2005


In the baroque setting of a Polish country house, two men play perverse games with a couple of teenagers and push them into committing a crime. 1943: Poland is under German occupation. Two intellectuals, Frederic and Witold, leave occupied Warsaw and take refuge in a friend’s manor in the middle of the countryside. The serene atmosphere almost makes them forget the war, even more so given that they focus all their attention on Henia and Karol, two beautiful 16-year-olds who seem to be made for each other, but who are not at all attracted to each other. Frederic and Witold decide to take action – in their own way.