King Guillaume directed by Pierre François Martin-Laval

Release year in France : 2009

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Original Title: King Guillaume
Feature French
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Pierre François MARTIN-LAVAL, Florence FORESTI, Omar SY...
Running time: 1h25
Year of production: 2008 (Executive producer)
Distributed in France by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures France
Release date in France: 28/01/2009


Magali plays in a brass band. Guillaume drives a small tourist train. Both spin a perfect love, they share modest dreams and their baby is about to come. But an unexpected news upsets their routine: a man appears and announces that he is Guillaume’s estranged father and also reveals that Guillaume is his legitimate heir of a kingdom offshore of France and England. Guillaume and Magali start to dream of a life as monarchs, surrounded by faithful subjects in their castle, enjoying their wealth. But reality is often different to what you can imagine.