Falling into Paradise réalisé par

Année de sortie en France :

Original Title : Pad u raj
Feature French, Serbian, Russian, Netherlands
Genre : Comedy
Running time : 1h34
Year of production : 2005
Distributed in France by : Equation
Release date in France : 22/02/2006


Belgrade, April 1999. Because of the embargo imposed by OTAN, the Serbian capital has been isolated from the rest of the world. American surveillance planes continually circle overhead. Lubi is one of the kings of the black market : he constantly rails against his government, the Americans, his neighbor’s dog, and even his sister. In normal times, he’d be considered mad… but what does normality mean these days in Belgrade ? Lubi lives with his mother, his sister Dusha, and her daughter in the ruins of a house whose interior strongly resembles army headquarters. On the roof, Dusha has painted an enormous red heart upon which she poses in her bikini for the American pilots, hoping that they’ll spot her and carry her off to live in the States. Lubi, driven crazy by her behaviour, tries to shoot an AWACS Boeing from the sky with a smuggled Stinger missile. He believes he’s succeeded, what’s more, when a parachutist crash-lands on his roof. Dusha instantly falls in love with this man who she calls Bobby, because, in her eyes, all Americans look like Robert Redford. Lubi decides to hold him hostage, but Bobby manages to escape… before realizing that fleeing in Belgrade is an impossible mission. Dusha rescues him from the armed Serbian mafia and takes him back home. He cuts a deal with Lubi : by banding together, they’ll destroy Milosevic and pocket the reward money promised for his death. In exchange, Bobby will be allowed to go home…