Du Bleu jusqu’en Amérique réalisé par

Année de sortie en France :

Original Title : Du Bleu jusqu’en Amérique
Feature French
Genre : Drama
Running time : 1h40
Year of production : 1999
Distributed in France by : Noria Films
Release date in France : 01/12/1999


Victim of a terrible accident, overnight the young Camille Balaise finds himself in another world ; that of rehabilitation. His life till now no longer counts, what is to become of him he does not know. Cut off from the outside world, he must adapt to the bizarre universe of corridors, basements and dark passage-ways that make up this strange, sprawling town-like hospital, overseen by the fiery Dr Helpos. Following a dangerous and derisory initiation rite, Camille becomes part of the community known as the "wrecks", those who on the fringes of medical regulation dictate their own laws.