Si tu meurs, je te tue Hiner Saleem’s new film now in theaters

Si tu meurs, je te tue, Hiner Saleem’s new film (Vodka Lemon, Kilomètre zéro, Sous les toits de Paris) produced by MACT Production with Jonathan Zaccaï, Golshifteh Farahani and Mylène Demongeot is now in theathers.

Synopsis :

Philippe, who is just out of prison, encounters Avdal, a Kurd who is looking for an Iraqi criminal. A friendship forms between the two men. Avdal, who dreams of staying in France, has planned to get his fiancée Siba to Paris. Avdal dies suddenly and Philippe finds himself obliged to look after his friend’s funeral arrangements. Siba arrives in Paris and learns of her fiancé’s death. Taken in by a group of Kurds, she meets Philippe. Meanwhile, Cheto, Avdal’s father also arrives in Paris.