Salvo in French theaters

Salvo, Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza’s first feature starring Saleh Bakri and Sara Serraiocco is coming out this week in French theaters. The film won the 52nd Cannes Critics Week Grand Prix. It’s a French-Italian coproduction between MACT Productions, Cité Films, Acaba Produzioni and Cristaldi Pictures. It’s released in France by Bodega Films.

Synopsis : Salvo, a cold, impacable and pitiless man, is a killer in the Sicilian Mafia. When he commits a house invasion to wipe out a man, he encounters Rita, a young, blind woman, who is forced to helplessly sit by while her brother is murdered. Salvo tries to close her disturbing eyes, which stare at him with seeing him. Something impossible occurs. Rita sees for the first time. Salvo therefore decides to let her live. Henceforth, each haunted by the world to which they belong, they are bound together forever.

"There’s no denying the sheer aesthetic talent on display here, and beyond all the shootouts and genre tropes, Salvo manages to distill an authentically unsettling atmosphere that speaks volumes about the state of modern-day Sicily."
The Hollywood Reporter

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