One day my prince by Flavia Coste comes out in France

One day my prince, Flavia Coste’s first feature starring Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Mylène Saint-Sauveur, Catherine Jacob and Pierre-François Martin-Laval comes out today in France. It’s a coproduction between MACT Productions, Christal Films and Paradis Films. The film is released in France by Paradis Films.

Synopsis: Almost one hundred years ago Sleeping Beauty was plunged into a deep sleep. Until now, no prince has managed to wake her up with a kiss. And time is running out: if no serious candidate appears, the kingdom of the fairies risks disappearing forever. Queen Titiana hence sends two fairies to Paris, Blondine and Mélusine, on a special mission to find the ideal man. But our two fairies, projected into the 21st century, quickly come to realize that the task is more complicated than it appears.

"Ce premier film porté par Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse et Mylène Saint-Sauveur, deux actrices canadiennes aux charmes ravageurs, explore la Carte du Tendre avec une ironie tendre et beaucoup d’imagination."
20 Minutes ****

"Ce conte léger et pétillant enchaîne les situations cocasses."
Le Parisien ****