Girafada in French theaters

Girafada, Rani Massalha’s first feature starring Saleh Bakri, Laure de Clermont, Ahmad Bayatra and Roschdy Zem is coming out this week in French theaters. The film was selected at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. It’s a French-German-Palestinian coproduction between MACT Productions, Heimatfilm and Lumiere & Co. It’s released in France by Pyramide Distribution.

Synopsis: Yacine is a veternarian in Palestine’s only remaining zoo. His ten-year-old son Ziad spends a lot of time with the animals and has a strong bond with the zoo’s two giraffes. One night, after an air raid on the city, the male giraffe dies. The female giraffe can’t survive alone and starts to slowly let itself die. Yacine must absolutely find a new companion for the beast, but the only zoo that can help him is in Tel Aviv.

"Rani Massalha’s appealing debut feature has a pleasant sweetness that makes it ideal for kids’ showcases and smallscreens."

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