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Girafada in French theaters

23 April 2014

Girafada, Rani Massalha’s first feature starring Saleh Bakri, Laure de Clermont, Ahmad Bayatra and Roschdy Zem is coming out this week in French theaters. The film was selected at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. It’s a French-German-Palestinian coproduction between MACT Productions, Heimatfilm and Lumiere & Co. It’s released in France by Pyramide Distribution.

Synopsis: Yacine is a veternarian in Palestine’s only remaining zoo. His ten-year-old son Ziad spends a lot of time with the animals and has a strong bond with the zoo’s two giraffes. One night, after an air raid on the city, the male giraffe dies. The female giraffe can’t survive alone and starts to slowly let itself die. Yacine must absolutely find a new companion for the beast, but the only zoo that can help him is in Tel Aviv.

"Rani Massalha’s appealing debut feature has a pleasant sweetness that makes it ideal for kids’ showcases and smallscreens."

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Salvo in French theaters

16 October 2013

Salvo, Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza’s first feature starring Saleh Bakri and Sara Serraiocco is coming out this week in French theaters. The film won the 52nd Cannes Critics Week Grand Prix. It’s a French-Italian coproduction between MACT Productions, Cité Films, Acaba Produzioni and Cristaldi Pictures. It’s released in France by Bodega Films.

Synopsis: Salvo, a cold, impacable and pitiless man, is a killer in the Sicilian Mafia. When he commits a house invasion to wipe out a man, he encounters Rita, a young, blind woman, who is forced to helplessly sit by while her brother is murdered. Salvo tries to close her disturbing eyes, which stare at him with seeing him. Something impossible occurs. Rita sees for the first time. Salvo therefore decides to let her live. Henceforth, each haunted by the world to which they belong, they are bound together forever.

"There’s no denying the sheer aesthetic talent on display here, and beyond all the shootouts and genre tropes, Salvo manages to distill an authentically unsettling atmosphere that speaks volumes about the state of modern-day Sicily."
The Hollywood Reporter

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La Sapience a film by Eugène Green

15 September 2013

The shooting of La Sapience, Eugène Green’s new feature film (Le Monde vivant, Le Pont des arts, La Religieuse portugaise) started on September 15th, 2013 for 6 weeks starring Fabrizio Rongione and Christelle Prot. The film is shot in Italy (Turin and Rome). It’s a French-Italian coproduction between MACT and La Sarraz Pictures.

Synopsis: Alexandre Schmid, a well-known architect, has begun to doubt about the value of the work he has done up until now. He decides to make a journey to Switzerland and Italy in order to write a long put-off essay about the Roman baroque architect Francesco Borromini, whose life and work obsess him, and Aliénor, his wife, decides to go with him. In Stresa, on the Lago Maggiore, they meet two adolescents, a brother and sister named Goffredo and Lavinia. Aliénor decides to stay in Stresa for a while. Alexandre wants to continue on to Rome, and since Goffredo plans on studying architecture, Aliénor tells her husband to take the boy with him.

Giraffada by Rani Massalha at TIFF

5 September 2013

Giraffada, Rani Massalha’s first feature film starring Saleh Bakri, Ahmad Bayatra, Laure de Clermont and Roschdy Zem was selected at The Toronto International Film Festival (Discovery). The film is a French-German-Israeli coproduction between MACT Productions, Heimatfilm Gmbh and Lumière Co.

Synopsis: Yacine is the veterinarian of the only zoo remaining in the Palestinian West Bank. He lives alone with his 10-year old son, Ziad. The kid has a special bond with the two giraffes in the zoo. He seems to be the only one to communicate with them. After an air raid in the region the male giraffe dies. His mate, Rita, won’t survive unless the veterinarian finds her a new companion. The only zoo that might provide this animal is located in Tel Aviv ...

Salvo wins Cannes Critic’s Week Grand Prize

24 May 2013

Salvo, Antonio Piazza and Fabio Grassadonia’s first feature starring Saleh Bakri and Sara Serraiocco, topped the Cannes Film Festival’s 52nd Critics’ Week, taking its Grand Prix and the France 4 Revelation Prize. The film is a French/Italian coproduction between Acaba Produzioni, Cristaldi Pictures, Cité Films and MACT Productions.

Synopsis: A henchman for the Sicilian Mafia, Salvo is solitary, cold and ruthless. When he sneaks into a house to eliminate someone from a rival Mafia clan, he discovers Rita, a young blind girl who powerlessly stands by while her brother is assassinated. When Salvo decides to spare her life, something extraordinary happens. From then on, these two beings - both haunted by the world they belong to - are linked together forever.

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Sous le Figuier directed by Anne Marie Étienne in French theaters

20 March 2013

Sous le Figuier, the latest film directed Anne Marie Étienne with Gisèle Casadesus, Anne Consigny, Jonathan Zaccaï and Marie Kremer opens today in French theaters. The film is a French-Belgium coproduction between MACT Productions and Tarantula Belgique

Synopsis: Nathalie, Christophe, and Joëlle are all going through an existential crisis. The siblings all come together to spend a final summer vacation with Selma, their 95 year-old, seriously ill mother. But the vacation doesn’t quite go as planned and they come to understand that the woman they thought they were helping to die is in fact helping them to live.

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Gebo et l’Ombre directed by Manoel de Oliveira in Official Selection at the 69th Venice Film Festival

16 August 2012

Gebo et l’ombre, the new film directed by Manoel de Oliveira with Michael Lonsdale, Claudia Cardinale and Jeanne Moreau, will be presented in official selection - out of competition - at the 69th Venice Film Festival. The film is a French/Portuguese coproduction between MACT and O SOM E A FURIA. EPICENTRE FILMS will distribute it in France.

Synopsis: Set in the late 19th century, about a honored but poor patriarch who sacrifices himself to protect his fugitive son.

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Demain ? directed by Christine Laurent will be released in France on August, 22nd

18 June 2012

Christine Laurent’s new film, Demain ?, starring Laure de Clermont, Marc Ruchmann and also Luis Miguel Cintra, will be released in French theaters on August, 22nd by ZELIG FILMS. The film is a French/Portuguese coproduction between MACT and O SOM E A FURIA.

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Sous le Figuier directed by Anne-Marie Étienne is in competition at the Cabourg Film Festival

6 June 2012

Synopsis: Nathalie, Christophe and Joëlle, going through existencial crises, will find themselves gathered around Selma, 95 years old and very ill, to spend summer holidays on the Moselle’s shore where they will understand that instead of helping Selma to die, she will help them to live.

End of shooting of Manoel de Oliveira’s last film Gebo et l’Ombre

20 October 2011

The shooting of Manoel de Oliveira’s last film Gebo et l’Ombre with Michael LONSDALE, Claudia CARDINALE and Jeanne MOREAU just ended. Épicentre Films will release it in France.

End of shooting of Anne Marie Étienne’s last film La Sieste sous le Figuier

6 October 2011

The shooting of Anne Marie Étienne’s last film La Sieste sous le Figuier with Gisèle CASADESUS, Jonathan ZACCAÏ, Anne CONSIGNY and Marie KREMER just ended. Océan Films will release the film in France.

MACT produces Manoel de Oliveira’s new film

1 September 2011

The shooting of Gebo et l’ombre, Manoel de Oliveira’s new film feature (L’Étrange Affaire Angélica , Belle Toujours...) will start in Paris on September 19th 2011 and will last 4 weeks. Michael LONSDALE, Claudia CARDINALE and Jeanne MOREAU are part of the cast.

La Sieste sous le figuier a film by Anne-Marie Étienne

29 August 2011

The shooting of La Sieste sous le figuier, Anne-Marie Étienne’s new feature film (Tôt ou tard, Si c’était lui...) has started on August 29th 2011 and will last 7 weeks. The cast is composed by Gisèle Casadesus, Jonathan Zaccaï, Anne Consigny and Marie Kremer. The film is shot in Luxembourg and Brussels and coproduced by MACT and Tarantula.

Si tu meurs, je te tue Hiner Saleem’s new film now in theaters

23 March 2011

Si tu meurs, je te tue, Hiner Saleem’s new film (Vodka Lemon, Kilomètre zéro, Sous les toits de Paris) produced by MACT Production with Jonathan Zaccaï, Golshifteh Farahani and Mylène Demongeot is now in theathers.

Synopsis :

Philippe, who is just out of prison, encounters Avdal, a Kurd who is looking for an Iraqi criminal. A friendship forms between the two men. Avdal, who dreams of staying in France, has planned to get his fiancée Siba to Paris. Avdal dies suddenly and Philippe finds himself obliged to look after his friend’s funeral arrangements. Siba arrives in Paris and learns of her fiancé’s death. Taken in by a group of Kurds, she meets Philippe. Meanwhile, Cheto, Avdal’s father also arrives in Paris.

Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre re-elected as President of Unifrance

3 February 2011

Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre was re-elected this morning as president of Unifrance Films by the association’s Board of Directors with an absolute majority of represented votes.

Unifrance’s Board of Directors is composed of 50 members, including 23 members from the four Committees elected by the association’s Councils (the Feature Film Producers’ Council, the Directors’, Actors’, Writers’, and Artists’ Agents’ Council, the Film Exporters’ Council, and the Short Film Producers’ and Distributors’ Council), 12 ex officio members, 12 statuary members, and 3 qualified industry figures appointed by the Ministers of Culture and Foreign Affairs.